Baby birds coming soon

Spring has sprung in Thrifton Hill Park! We have two house wren families looking to make a home and raise a family and one chickadee family already established and sitting on their 6 eggs. See the picture below of their chickadee eggs and nest made of moss.


It’s great to know things are moving along inside the nest boxes but just a reminder they need their privacy!

Article contributed by Debbie Hollander.


Neighbors Debbie Hollander and Rae Mueller monitor four nest boxes on our trail each year from April to September to be sure that the native birds are safe from predators. To learn more, contact trail lead Debbie Hollander or visit the Virginia Bluebird Society Website for Arlington – Arlington Bluebirds.

To see the eggs and maybe even nestlings by then, join us for the Hidden History Tour of Maywood on Saturday, May 12th. More info

Thanks so much, Debbie and Rae, for helping out the birds!